Yearning For Release: Her Erotic Frustration (Part 3)

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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Wendy POV

I can’t get Matt out of my mind since he blew my mind entirely; literally, all I can think is the next time I’ll have his sultry lips on my nipples, my clit, or just my lips.

The guy is one hell of a good kisser, and damn did he rock my body.

Is it crazy that as my boyfriend is kissing me, all I’m thinking about is fucking his best friend? Will you call me a cheater or unfaithful just because I am going for what my body craves? Call me all you want, but I’ll be banging Matt this week, and nothing will stop me.

When Victor keeps kissing my neck, I allow him to because what can I say? I give him all my attention, but what do I get in return? Zero orgasms and mediocre sex life.

That night after Matt had gone to sleep, I vowed to end the relationship, and I did the next day. It wasn’t easy but my happiness and orgasms cum first. Lol

Matt POV

While I’ve always wanted to date Wendy, I don’t like seeing my best friend mopping over his one true love, as he calls it. I still want to bang Wendy but would dating her mean I’m breaking a bro code? We will cross that bridge when we get there, but first, I will fuck her like she deserves. Give her orgasm after orgasm until she can’t anymore.

I can’t wait to feel how tight that cunt is or how soft her boobs feel in my palms. Fuck, just the thought of her sexy body all sprawled out in bed has my dick hard.


It’s the weekend, and I’m taking Wendy out of the city to relax and take her mind off the breakup. But who am I kidding here? I’m taking her here to have my way with her. After all, they say the best way to get over someone is to be under someone else mmh. I can’t wait to help her forget.

Wendy POV

I know what’s going to happen this weekend, and fuck, am I super excited. Before I know it, Matt is pulling up on my front door. Opening the door for him, he hugs me, and I relish the smell of his cologne. It’s sexy, manly, and so addictive. Matt is a tall, well-toned guy. The time he spends in a gym shows in his physique. His hug feels protective and welcoming.

When I pull away, I take a minute to admire how sexy he looks. He looks like a dream, wearing a black button-up, jeans, and boots. He does the same to me, and I sure did not disappoint. My dress leaves little to the imagination. My cleavage and long legs are my arsenals, and I can’t help but flaunt them.

Suddenly, Matt pushes me into the wall and smashes his lips to mine. He tastes like mint and liquor, a delicious, addictive taste. He kisses me just below my collarbone, and I moan.

“Fuck baby, you look so hot I couldn’t hold back.”

“Then don’t hold back,” I answer.

He pulls away, looks at me to confirm whether I did say those words, then takes my hand and pulls me to the living room.

So quickly, I don’t see it coming; he tears my dress apart, undresses, and his sexy body is on display for me to ogle. He pushes me on the couch and kneels in front of me. He takes my legs and puts them on his shoulders. Slowly biting my thigh, he then moves to my clit and kisses it.

Slowly, he bites it, then licks it to soothe the pain. He then moves to my pussy lips and kisses then moves them to get my hole. Slowly he inserts a finger and licks my clit. He keeps doing this, and I’m a moaning writhing mess; when I’m about to cum, he stops and stands on his feet.

‘Baby gal, I want you to cum on my dick, so stand up, turn the fuck around, and bend over. I wanna see that ass.”

His crude language is my undoing. I do as he says, turning around and arching my back for him.

Matt POV

Fuck, this was not the plan. I wanted to dine and wine Wendy, but the site of her in that tiny dress had me unhinged. Looking at that ass, I don’t regret my decision one bit. My dick is so hard it could poke a hole through the wall.

I move closer to her, and since I can’t resist, I spank her hard.

“Fuck Wendy, you look so sexy, and that ass could drive a man crazy. I won’t be gentle, beautiful, so brace yourself.”

With those words, I place my hands on her waist and push into her tight cunt.

Fuck, she is so tight and wet.

“Damn baby, you are so fucking tight.”

I pull out and push in hard, which has her sagging on the couch, but I do not have that. Carefully, I gather her hair and then pull her up.

I pull out again and repeatedly thrust, angling the tip of my dick to her g-spot. She is moaning, screaming mess, and fuck me. I love my girls’ loudness during sex. I keep alternating between short and fast thrusts with slow, sensual ones.

When I spank her jiggly ass, she contracts around my dick, then orgasms. I fuck her in short, hard thrusts, hitting her G-spot repeatedly and prolonging her orgasm.

When she stops cumming, I pull out, pick he up, and carry her to the wall. I enter her tight, wet cunt and fuck her against the wall. When I can’t hold my balls anymore, I take her nipple in my mouth and bite hard. She cums again, and that is my cue to cum too. I kiss her hard as we catch our breath and whisper, “Baby, this is just the beginning!”

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