Yearning For Release: Her Erotic Frustration(Part 2)

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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Wendys’ POV

Somehow the shower doesn’t help with my sexual frustration. I was too deep in my mind to focus on myself. So after a long hot shower, I was in the mood for self-love. I played erotic music, lit scented candles, and lay on our bed.

I’m kinky as fuck, but somehow Victor never realized that. And since I’m all for women’s independence, I want to go all out. With my nipple clamps in place, I have my rabbit vibrator ready.

Just thinking about how good the pleasure pulses have me wet. With that in mind, I tighten the nipple clamps and slowly rub my clit. The feeling is orgasmic, everything I’ve always dreamed of getting. Slowly I continue rubbing my clit alternating the pulses. The vibrations are so good I’m soaking.

Slowly I push the dick-shaped head into my pussy, moaning loudly. The vibrator is so long it hits my spot. Widening my legs, I give myself more room to work with.
With the vibrator pulsating on my G-spot and the other part on my clit, I’m a moaning and writhing mess. I keep driving it in and out of my pussy, clenching on it.
Fuck.. I love this.

Matts’ POV

Why the fuck am I standing here looking at her? She is my best friend’s girlfriend, yet I admire her lying out in bed, masturbating. The site is too erotic to pass up, and I start rubbing my dick over my pants. She is so fucking wet, and I wish I could lick up all those juices.

I’m pulled from my thoughts when I hear Wendy moaning my name.
Shit! Did I imagine that, or did she moan, “Oh, Matty!”
She does it again, and I realize I did not imagine it.

Wendys’ POV
Fuck, the feeling is too good, and when I’m just about to cum I hear heavy breathing.
Opening my eyes, I find Matty standing by the door, slowly rubbing his dick.

“Matty! What the fuck are you doing here?” I exclaim

“Hey beautiful, You look mighty fine, all spread out there!” He answers casually
Matty dares to wink at me. I realize that he is still looking at me with a dark look that screams I want to fuck the living daylights out of you. Trying to cover up, I realize my vibrator is still in me, and my nipples are still throbbing.

“Matt, get the fuck out. I need to get dressed.” I shout

It must be the angry look I’m sporting because Matty leaves without a word. Slowly, I unclip the nipple clamps and hiss in pain. Then I remove the vibrator and quickly slip on my bathrobe. Slowly walking to the living room, I am conflicted about how to approach the situation best. Do I go all angry, or do I go with the flow?

All too soon, I find Matty leaning on the kitchen island, drinking whiskey. Smirking slightly, he looks at me and says,
“Babe, you know it’s okay to want to get some action when your boyfriend isn’t around, right?”

I don’t know what happens next, but I start crying.
When he sees this, he starts panicking and apologizes as if he did something wrong.
When I don’t stop crying, he hugs me to his chest and whispers soothing words.
When I calm down, I tell him about all that’s been bothering me and how sexually starved I feel.
When I’m done, Matty asks me how he can help.
I don’t think I answered. “Give me an orgasm.”

Matts’ POV

Seeing Wendy break down in my arms, all for the lack of an orgasm, I swear to help her. Best friend, girlfriend, or not I don’t care. Well, that might be a lie. I’ve always had a crush on Wendy, but when she started going out with Victor, I put my feelings for her to rest. But the emotions returned after seeing her in bed, all sprawled out and moaning my name.

Her request turns me on, but I decide that this is all for her and carry her to her bed, where I find the dildo and nipple clamps in place.

Throwing her on the bed, I undo the Knot on her bathrobe, leaving her naked. With the robe, I tie her hands together and tie her to the bed. I then get a tie from the drawers and blindfold her. This way, she can concentrate on what I’ll do to her magnifying the pleasure.

Slowly I clamp her already taut nipples, but not before I kiss them, wetting them to reduce the pinch. Getting on my knees, I spread her legs and admired her swollen clit and dripping hole. She is so wet her pussy is practically glistening.

A whimper pulls me from my admiring, and I decide to put this beauty out of her misery. Slowly I lick her clit, tasting her sweet juices. Damn, she tastes like a mix of citrus and vanilla, and I decide that’s my favourite taste. With the vibrator on, I place it on her ass and slowly push my finger in. She moans and arches her back slightly.

Still sucking her clit, I continue pushing my finger until I reach her G-spot. When I find it, I make a come hither motion, then bite her clit. I’m rewarded with a loud moan, and when I pull my finger out to pull the nipple clamps off, she squirts so good the juices coat my face.

I continue to flick her clit as she slowly comes from her high. When she whimpers, I stop and remove the blindfold from her face. Admiring her tear-stained face, I kiss her, then whisper, “Baby, we are just getting started; I’m not leaving until the bed is soaked with your juices!”

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