Yearning For Release: Her Erotic Frustration (Part 1)

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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Wendy POV

I’m lying in bed thinking about Victor. I love the guy to death, but is love enough? Would I stay in a relationship simply for love? Is it okay to push down my urges because I love this man? My mum taught me to never settle for less. That as a girl, I should have everything I want and no less.

I wouldn’t deny that Victor is perfect; he is a gentleman, caring, loves me, and treats me like a queen. But something is missing. Am I being too selfish to want it all? Is it possible I might never find a man like him when I leave?

My mind flashes back to last night after our dinner date.

Victor: “Babe, you know I love you more than life, right?”

Giggling slightly, I nod and kiss him on the cheek

Victor: One day, I’m going to marry you. You are the woman of my dreams, Wendy. And I promise never to let you go.

My heart melted when he said these words to me. Facing him, I go on the tip of my toes and kiss him sloppily. I want to worship and show him exactly what he means to me. Sex is my love language, and I want to show him exactly how much I love him.

Our kisses turn hot and erotic; when he slips his tongue in my mouth, I moan and unbutton his shirt. His hands on my waist tighten, and he slowly cups my ass.

I can feel his hard-on on my stomach, and I grin. I undo his buttons, then slip his shirt off his broad shoulders. When the shirt is off, I take a moment to admire his body. He is fit and tan, with a single tattoo of a lion on his chest.

Victor: Are you done gawking, baby? Because if you have, I want to get between your thighs; it’s been too long since I tasted you.

It’s true, and the reason for that is that I don’t particularly appreciate how he goes down on me. He uses only lips and no tongue. And when he uses his tongue, it’s sloppy and not as firm as I want the tongue to be.

As he says this, I cringe but don’t show it to him; instead, I lean on his ear and purr. ‘I want to suck your dick so hard, baby, that you will see stars. Tonight I want to worship you as a thank you for how amazing you’ve been to me.”

I know those words are his undoing as he lifts me fireman style and rushes to the bedroom. After that, it’s a blur. In mere minutes we are both naked, and I have his dick deep in my throat. When I hum, he shoots his load down my throat.

Victor: Fuck love, that was amazing. You have a way with your mouth that I love.

He then proceeds to kiss me slowly. He doesn’t mind that I taste like him. He continues peppering kisses on my neck down my throat and then latches on a taut nipple. I moan and arch my back, pushing myself to him.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t give my girls the attention they deserve and licks a trail down my stomach. When he gets to my pussy, I hook my legs on his waist and flip him over. He is already hard and ready to go again.

I align my pussy with his dick and sink into him slowly. He has a nice package, and no matter how much we’ve fucked, it never fails to surprise me. If only he knew how to use it. Taking a moment to adjust, I look at his face and admire his beauty.

When I start riding him, I pray that he will last enough to give me an orgasm. I put his hands on my tits as I bounced on his cock. He doesn’t take the hint but instead removes his hands and puts them on my hips.

Victor: Just like that, baby, I’m almost there.

Not a minute later, he cums, leaving me high and dry.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts when my phone vibrates with a text.

From Victor: Good morning beautiful, I’m sorry I left when you slept. I got called into work early and had to leave. I promise I’ll make it up to you when I return from my weekend work trip.

PS: I enjoyed last night.

Love you

I smile, reading his texts, and another text appears.

From Victor: Oh, I told Matt to keep an eye on you when I’m away.

Matt is his best friend and a total fuckboy, but he is a nice guy to have on your corner.

I reply to his text and decide to take a shower. Halfway to the bathroom, I decided to get my trusted vibrator. A girl needs her orgasm.

As I undress, I think, is it too much that I want to be treated like a queen but fucked like a whore?



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