Unleashing Passion in Person

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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I’ve been scrolling mindlessly on Instagram when I come across a profile that catches my attention immediately. It’s of a tall, dark guy. His picture is goofy but screams handsome. I click on his profile and check his posts; I’m not disappointed. The guy is attractive, and I want to know him- Figuratively and physically
So like the go-getter I am, I send the guy a direct message, and his reply is instant. I was right about his goofiness. Our conversation flows so smoothly that you’d think we had known each other for years.
Over the next few days, I flirt with him, clarifying my intentions. I want him above me, behind me, beneath me, just as long as he is inside my wet pussy. The interest is reciprocated, and our chemistry is beyond the roof. When I requested a meet-up, I realized we were miles apart, and my fantasies wouldn’t come true. Not until he jets back into the country.
So If I can’t have this guy, I settle for the next best thing. Being his friend. Trust me; it wasn’t easy. How does one go from daydreaming of someone’s cock ramming into them to being their friend? I had a simple motivation: I would get that cock in all its naked glory when he returned.
Months passed until a year passed, and our friendship blossomed into something I never expected. We had so much in common and shared deep secrets, but most late nights, we sex texted or video called, and we would only end the calls when we both had reached our highs. The perfect friendship, that one.
Two years later, I get a call from a new number, and when I pick it up, it’s the hunk I’ve been masturbating to for the last two years. Xavier is back in the country. The news has me so happy and my cunt excited.
Two weeks later, I’m prepared for a night of passion and orgasms. A well-shaven pussy and in my newest lingerie, I wait for Xavier to show up. I couldn’t precisely tell whether the jitters and butterflies in my stomach resulted from anxiety or excitement.
I’ve never met this guy in person, but I like him. But what if he isn’t what I envision him as? Is he as good in bed as I imagine him to be? What if he is a serial killer who has lured me into a trap for years only to kill me? Is he a Joe Goldberg in disguise? I’m too deep in my head that I don’t hear the knock on my door.
The shrill voice of my ringtone snaps me out of my overthinking state. Picking it up, I hear a deep baritone from the door.
“Baby, open the door. You are not scared of me, are you?”
Xavier knows just how to challenge me. With this dare in mind, I stride to the door and open it. Standing there is a hunk of a tall, dark, and well-built guy. He is smiling coyly with a cigarette on his lips. I’m not too fond of the smell of cigarettes, but with him, he looks so sexy with it on his lips.
“Done gawking, baby? Because if you have, you should let me in; your crazy neighbors are watching.”
True to his words, my nosy next-door neighbor is watching us through the window.
Opening the door wider, he comes in, sits, and looks at me. I take my time admiring him, his jawline that’s so sharp, his dark eyes and sultry lips; they look so plump and kissable. As I think of that, he puts his cigarette on the ashtray and pulls me to his lap.
“Can I get you something to drink?” I ask. I’m rewarded with a deep chuckle that gets my barely-there thong wet.
“No baby, what I want is a taste of your lips. I want to kiss every inch of your body. I want to taste your juices and feel how wet you already are. He has always been so good at dirty talk; doing this in person makes it much better.
I don’t know who moves first, but I’m a moaning mess when his lips touch mine. His lips are soft yet firm, and he kisses me so roughly yet sweetly; it’s like he can’t get enough of me. The kiss is everything I’ve always imagined it to be. I moaned when he bit my bottom lip, letting him dip his tongue in my mouth. The kiss turns dirty and erotic so fast.
The next minute, I’m straddling his thigh and grinding against the hard-on on his thigh. When I go to unbutton his shirt, he lets me and allows me to pull it off his shoulders. He is lean but well-built. I love my man fit.
I’m pulled from admiring his body when he trails kisses down my neck, giving extra attention to the spot just below my ear; when I let out a whimper, he continues his kisses while working my boobs. Unclipping the bra., I let it drop to the floor and admire how his eyes turn darker when he looks at my pierced needles.
He stands up and strides to my bedroom with his hands below my thighs. Throwing me on the bed, he crawls to me like a predator advancing on its prey. He kisses my kneck, then leaves a trail of kisses down my chest, then latches on the taught nipple. His hand moves to the other and pulls on the piercing. The pain has me arching my back and pushing it to his mouth. He bites and soothes it. I can’t help but moan as I pull on his hair.
Slowly while still playing with my nipples, he takes hold of my thong and pulls it, tearing it into pieces. When I gasped, he looked at me, smirked, and said, “Baby, I’m not a patient man, and don’t expect me to make love to you. I will fuck you., deep, hard, and fast.”

With those words, he pulls my legs to his shoulder and sucks my clit. When he bites on it, I scream when I experience an unexpected orgasm.
“Fuck, baby! I like it when you are loud but scream any louder, and they’ll think I’m killing you.”
I don’t reply to that as I’m trying to get my breathing under control. When Xavier continues teasing my clit with his tongue and inserts a finger. I’m a moaning mess and can’t form coherent words; all I know is that I don’t want him to stop.
I missed this; having a man go down on me was so good. When he inserts a third finger, I’m a goner. I moan even louder when he curls his fingers and makes a come hither motion. He does this while sucking on my clit. When he bites it again, I squirt all over his face. He slurps the juices and licks his lips, the most erotic sight I’ve ever seen.
Xavier undresses, and I’m greeted with a sight so erotic. His cock is perfect, long, thick, veiny, and curved. I could worship it with my mouth. When I kneel, he stops me by pushing me back on the bed.
‘No, baby, if you get that mouth anywhere near him, he’ll spurt in your mouth. It’s been so damn long, and when I cumn, I want it to be in that tight pussy.”
Turning me around on all fours, Xavier comes behind me and enters me smoothly.
“Fuck, you are so tight and wet, baby; I don’t think I will last.”
Pulling my hair in a closed fist, Xavier fucks me like a man possessed. With the position, my nipples are brushing against the sheets, and the friction so good on my nipples. That, combined with the roughness of his thrusts on my g-spot is my undoing. I cumn so hard, screaming his name.
Xavier doesn’t stop; he gives me what I have always wanted and waited for. He unleashes a passion so deep I walk with a limp for a week!

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