Unholy Matrimony: Amy’s Erotic Story (Part 2)

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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Dragon traces the tips of his fingers over my skin, sending tantalizing excitement over my body. His touch is soft, tender, and gentle. He makes sure to tingle every inch of my body as if looking for the most erotic part. And he finds it when the base of his palm goes over my dark and erect nipples. He rotates his palms over them slowly while looking deep into my eyes.

My body goes taut with need, and my breathing becomes erratic. I whimper and release uncoordinated moans as Dragon continues to caress my tits. He seems in no hurry, intent on punishing me with impatience. He cups the full mounds on my chest for a while before he moves on, down towards the waiting pussy.

We are in his bedroom, which is decorated in white. It is large, neat and inviting. There are no feminine objects in the room, leaving me wondering why he is still a bachelor. I tug my hands but remember that I am chained to the bed. Not being able to move them is driving me crazy because I’m used to holding and grabbing during foreplay. His hand moves over the swollen folds of my pussy.

I press my legs together as excitement builds to a fever pitch. My clitoris is bulging out, waiting to be explored. Once Dragon’s hand touches it, a wave of intense pleasure dominates my body. I scream with pleasure as he gives it full attention, stroking and coaxing it with expertise. My back arches and my head rolls from side to side as the throes of excitement become too much.

His finger finally enters me, and I’m on cloud nine. He finds my G-spot and rubs it, making me forget everything else. My thighs slam his hand, and the walls of my pussy tighten around his finger as I feel the familiar feeling of an orgasm building up. He seems to take notice and increases the tempo. My moans echo against the walls as I finally shudder in orgasmic release. I cum on his fingers, coating them with my juices, something I haven’t done in a long time.

Dragon gets off me and strides away from the bed. His ass looks lovely in the blue shorts he is wearing. I follow him with my eyes as he opens the bedroom door. He can feel my eyes on him because he looks back at me just before he opens it, smiles, and winks.

“I’ll be back in a jiffy, baby,” he says, walking towards the kitchen.

A few minutes later, he is back, hiding something behind his back.

“What is that?” I ask in curiosity.

“Ice cream,” he says with a naughty smirk on his face

“What for?”

“Well, I am craving something sweet served on a hot body, and since I have you, why not satisfy both cravings?”

He opens the container and dips a finger inside. He scoops a small amount and brings it close to my mouth. Without hesitation, I open my mouth and lick the ice cream off his finger. It is cold and sweet- mint, which is my favorite flavor. Craving more, I show him my tongue and hum.

He chuckles slightly, scoops some ice cream, and puts it in his mouth. He then crawls to where I am and kisses me so hard and deep. I can taste the whiskey on his tongue and the sweet ice cream. Fuck, this guy can kiss, I think to myself.

Pulling away, he takes the container and coats my body in ice cream. The cold makes me shiver in anticipation and excitement. He pays attention to my neck, nipples, stomach, inner thighs and my pussy. Looking at him so concentrated on coating me in sweetness so he can devour me makes me shiver. He looks like an animal, ready to attack his prey.

Like he can sense my line of thought, he tells me, “Relax, beautiful, this is all for your pleasure and mine, of course.” He then puts the empty container on the bedside table and leans over me softly; he kisses me like he is assuring me. When he is satisfied that I am relaxed, he moves to my neck and kisses me, licking the ice cream until there’s not a single drop left.

Slowly, he moves his tongue, trailing it on my collarbone until he gets to my nipples. But instead of licking them, he bites the side of my boob. Jumping in pain, he nipped it again and then licked it gently. That soothes the sting, and he does this over and over until he gets to my nipples. Taunt and erect, he sucks them, bites them, then soothes them; he does this until I am a moaning, writhing mess.

“I want to touch you,” I tell him. I want to shout for him to let my hands free and fuck me, but I can’t.

Ignoring my pleas, Dragon licks my stomach and thighs clean. When he gets to my pussy, he winks at me and moves away from the bed. I go to protest, but a sexy strip tease rewards me. Slowly, he undoes the strings on his shorts and pulls them down.

Fuck me, Dragon is well endowed; his dick is so long, thick, and covered in veins. Licking my lips, I imagine how it would feel if he fucked my mouth. I could gag on it, but I’d still want to keep sucking.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts when he clears his throat, “Stop looking at me like that, babe, or am going to bend you over that table and fuck you senseless.”

His vulgar statement has me so wet I’m sure I’m dripping. In a challenge, I say, “What if that is what I want? Get these cuffs off of me, and let me show you what I am made of.”

Like I awoke a beast, Dragon comes to the bed, undoes my cuffs, and looks at me. “Is that what you want, beautiful?”

“Yes,” I answer him. “I want you to fuck me like a whore.”

I didn’t finish my statement before Dragon had me in his arms and pushed me to the wall.

“I am going to be rough, so brace yourself,” he tells me.

In one smooth thrust, he penetrates my pussy so hard I feel like I am breaking in half. I go to scream in both pain and pleasure, but before I do, he has thrust in again so fast that I don’t even get time to adjust to his length.

Then, slowly, he pulls out and pushes in so slowly. I can feel his veins and how curved his dick is. He does this several times until I have gotten used to his size. He pushes me higher on the wall and picks up speed. Fucking me so fast and hitting my G-spot over and over.

I moan, scream, cry, and call his name over and over again. No man has ever fucked me this good, yet so rough. Suddenly I want to pee and try to push him away, but instead, he pushes me further against the wall, fucking me until I squirt on his dick, the juices flowing all over his and my thighs.

“Fuck, Amy, this is the most erotic thing I have ever seen.”

Still, he keeps thrusting over and over until he warns me of his impending orgasm.

“Should I pull out or coat your insides with my seed?” he asks me.

“Pull out and come all over me.”

A couple of thrusts later, he pulls out, and streams of cum cover my tits, my stomach and my pussy. He comes over and over. He is panting and moaning, yet looking at my eyes.

Appreciation and lust are what I see in those deep, gorgeous eyes. When Dragon finishes, he carries me and walks to his bathroom.

“Let me take care of you beautiful.” Then he kisses me senselessly.


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