The 20 Incredibly Seductive Instagram OnlyFans Models: Is Your Favorite Model On OnlyFans?

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Did you know that Timothy Stokely launched the  OnlyFans platform in 2016, and since then, millions of people have paid a monthly membership to access this content? Most content on OnlyFans includes sexy photos, erotic videos, and naughty live streams. Who creates this content on OnlyFans? Most creators are public figures, models, trainers, and YouTubers.

In 2023 content creation has taken a different turn. Most of the best platform content creators are models. These babes are taking both the Instagram and OnlyFans world by storm. We have searched high and low for the hottest, sexiest and naughtiest OnlyFans accounts that will have your heart racing and bring your fantasies to life.

Here are the sexiest Instagram OnlyFans Models. Keep reading to discover if your favorite Insta babe is an OnlyFans creator!

Top 20 Instagram Onlyfans Models: Who Are The Instagram Models On Onlyfans?

There is a model you love and follow on Instagram. You enjoy watching her reels, videos, and pics and want more. So you ask yourself whether they are OnlyFans and if they post more naughty content on the OnlyFans platform.

We have reviewed the top 20 hottest Instagram OnlyFans models. Check out this list to find your favorite hottie.

Bay Belle

Instagram OnlyFans model
Bay Belle

Top Features:

  • 1460 media posts
  • 118K+ likes
  • Daily posts

Subscription: $10.99

Bay Bella is the sexiest Ebony Instagram Onlyfans Model on our list. Upon subscribing to her account, this babe sends you a free sex tape. On her page, you will see thousands of videos and photos. You will also watch the new content she posts on her page daily.

If you want to know more about Bay Bella, you can DM her, and she will respond to your text immediately. Even better, if you wish to customize content from this sexy Instagram OnlyFans Model, you can face time her, and she will make all your fantasies come true.

Once a week, this uprising star releases a new video for her subscribers. Follow her account today, and If you decide to stay for a month, she will send exclusive VIP goodies to your inbox.

Follow Bay Bella here:

Instagram: bay belle

OnlyFans: @baybelle

VIP OnlyFans: @thebaybelle

Tiktok: bay bella

Corinna Kopf

Instagram OnlyFans model
Corinna Kopf

Top Features:

  • Exclusive content
  • PPV content

Subscription fee: $19.99

Corinna Kopf is a beauty; if you follow her on Instagram, you know how sexy she is. This beauty is blonde, with blue eyes, a fat ass, and legs for days. She is sex on legs, and she knows it. And that is what kickstarted her OnlyFans career.

With over 1.88 million likes, her followers enjoy the exclusive content she posts daily. If you are into semi-nude and lewds, follow this sexy babe on the Instagram OnlyFans models list, and your OnlyFans experience will never be the same.

Follow Corinna Kopf here:

Instagram: corinna kopf

OnlyFans: @corinnakopf

Twitter: @CorinnaKopf


Instagram OnlyFans model

Top Features:

  • 978 media posts
  • 616k+ Likes
  • Twitch streamer.

Subscription fee: $7

While most Instagram OnlyFans models are parading their sexy bodies on the Platform, Alinity does it differently. This Canadian bombshell doesn’t post nudes on her profile, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t share them. All you have to do is request, and she will transfer them to your DM! Incredible right?

The stunning beauty, however, flaunts her curves and sexy boobs to her fans. She will post pics in raunchy bikinis; you only have to imagine the rest. Subscribe to her account today to see why she is a favorite.

Follow Alinity here:

Instagram: Alinity Divine


Tiktok: Alinity


Diana Vazquez

Instagram OnlyFans model
Diana Vazquez

Top Features:

  • Latina babe
  • 740 media posts

Subscription fee: FREE

Diana Vazquez is a Latina babe from a small town who moved to Florida, where she has been enjoying herself. This beauty has quickly gained more confidence and started showing off to her fans.

The Instagram OnlyFans model has over 700 posts showcasing her petite body with or without clothes. You can subscribe to this hotties account for free. Check her out if you love yourself some Latina fun!

Follow Diana Vazquez here:

Instagram: Diana V.

OnlyFans: @msdianavazquez

Twitter: @MsDiana05

Viking Doll

Instagram OnlyFans model
Viking Doll

Top Features:

  • 3892 posts
  • 219K+ followers
  • Musician

Subscription: FREE

Viking Doll is a model and a musician. The blonde beauty is voluptuous, sexy, and with a fantastic rack. She has over 3000 posts where she posts daily. Her content is both sensual and naughty. This Instagram OnlyFans model never disappoints her fans.

Check her profile; you will see videos and posts on girl-on-girl action, boy-on-girl action, squirting, threesomes, foursomes, and orgies. This babe is sexy and doesn’t fail to show her fans how much.

If this sounds naughty enough for you, subscribe to her profile, and your wildest dreams will come true.

Follow Viking Doll here:

Instagram: Viking Barbie⚔

OnlyFans: @viking.doll

Twitter: @VikingBarbie_

Cami Chan

Instagram OnlyFans model
Cami Chan

Top Features:

  • Cosplayer
  • Nudes posts daily

Subscription fee: $3

Cami Chan is a force to be reckoned with. She is bold and sexy with blue hair, a sexy little ass, and beautiful big boobs. The cosplayer enjoys stripping her clothes off and entertaining her followers in some steamy cosplay sessions.

This video creator enjoys creating sexy content. Cami Chan is wild, and her fans love it. The vixen loves posting nude content, which turns her fans on. The Instagram OnlyFans model is delighting; if you want some uncensored nude content, you’ve got to check her out.

Follow Cami Chan here:

Instagram: Cami Chan

OnlyFans: @camichan

Twitter: @camichanowo

Angel Dreaming

Instagram OnlyFans model
Angel Dreaming

Top Features:

  • 1247 media posts
  • Daily chats
  • Squirting queen

Subscription: $6.74

Angel Dreaming welcums you to her X-Rated heaven. The sexy Instagram OnlyFans model promises to show you things you will never see anywhere else, and if you want, she will chat with you daily. Angel Dreaming is sex on legs, with a banging body, cute face, and thick ass.

This Instagram model is kinky as hell; you will see this when you subscribe to her account. Her arsenal includes girl-on-girl content, the new boy-on-girl action,  masturbation with huge dildos,  squirting, and the creamiest pussy on OnlyFans.

Angel Dreaming also has a free account where she entertains her subscribers for free. Did you know she has the best live shows on the platform? Check her out; she promises to be your slice of heaven.

Follow Angel here:

Instagram: Angel

OnlyFans(Vip): @angelbaexo

OnlyFans(Free): @angelbaex

Twitter: @angelxdreaming

Sarah Vandella

Instagram OnlyFans model
Sarah Vandella

Top Features:

  • 8609 media posts
  • Offers Skype video chats

Subscription: $7.99

Sarah Vandella is an adult actress veteran. I’m sure you know her from her unmatched, deep-throating skills and insatiable energy to sex. This sexy diva loves men and women and will give them equal attention. Sarah Vandella has a body full of tattoos, and what a body it is. With a sexy figure, big boobs, a fat ass, and that innocent look, she is every man’s wet dream.

Check this hotties page; she has tons of videos on her homepage and exclusive ones for sale. Sarah loves sucking cock. She also enjoys getting fucked in both holes. Do you know what this means? Her content is naughty and includes boy-on-girl, girl-on-girl play, threesomes, orgies, deepthroating, and squirting.

Does any of that tickle your fancy? It gets better; Sarah Vandella offers sexting sessions, sends voice notes, and will video chat with you on Skype if you ask nicely. If you want customized content, hit her up, and this Instagram OnlyFans model will deliver!

Follow Sarah Vandella here:

Instagram: Sarah Vandella

OnlyFans: @sarahvandella

Twitter: @MsSarahVandella

Kaila Troy

Instagram OnlyFans model
Kaila Troy

Top features:

  • DJ/Artist/Model
  • 1708 media posts

Subscription: FREE

Kaila Troy is a Jack of all trades. She is a well-renowned DJ, an artist, and a model. When this blonde beauty is not entertaining you on stage, she is having fun with her fans on the OnlyFans platform.

The Instagram OnlyFans Model is beautiful- with shoulder-long blonde hair, blue eyes, big tits, and a fantastic rack. Kaila Troy has quickly risen in the ranks as an amazing content creator. Check out her OnlyFans account, which is free, and have a fantastic time with this beauty.

Instagram: KAILA TROY

OnlyFans: @djkailatroy

Twitter: @djkailatroy

Facebook: DJ Kaila Troy

TikTok: Kaila Troy

Loona Sex Therapist

Instagram OnlyFans model

Top Features:

  • 1220 media posts
  • 519K subscribers

Subscription: FREE

Loona is a unique Instagram OnlyFans model. This beauty breaks stereotypes. Why, you may ask? Loona is a licensed sex therapist with a Master’s in Counselling and doing real porn on OnlyFans. Her subscribers enjoy watching her sexy body, big tits, and sexy ass, which she flaunts in all her videos.

What do you get when you subscribe to Loonas’ account? You will have access to full-length, uncensored videos, which include squirting, anal, outdoor sex, creampies, BJ, and titty fuck. Her exclusive content includes solo play, boy-on-girl action, and girl-on-girl play.

Loona has 32F Boobs and XL pussy lips that you can’t help but gawk at. This beauty will rate your dick and customize videos to your liking. If you love dirty audio messages and sexting, this beauty is perfect. Subscribe to her account for free and check her live streams, where she educates her fans on how to help their partners squirt!

Follow Loona here:

Instagram: loona.scandi

OnlyFans: @loonascandi

Twitter: @LoonaScandi

Demi Rose

Instagram OnlyFans model
Demi Rose

Top Features:

  • Spanish beauty
  • 309 media posts

Subscription: FREE

Demi Rose is an immense tittied beauty and doesn’t fail to showcase her assets to her fans. This beauty is incredibly sexy; if you haven’t followed her on Instagram, you should do so ASAP. Her OnlyFans account is a little sexier than her IG, and if you know Demi Rose, then you know how sexy her content is.

This Instagram OnlyFans model has a way of capturing her fans’ attention. It’s not through nudes or uncensored content; her posts are sensual and teasing. With a free subscription, you can check out her profile to see this sexy babe tease her fans yet satisfy them

Follow Demi Rose here:

Instagram: Demi 🌹

OnlyFans: @demirose

TikTok:  Demi Rose


Instagram OnlyFans model

Top Features:

  • Banging body
  • Personal trainer

Subscription: FREE

We didn’t know whether to include Amanda on the Instagram OnlyFans Models list because she recently joined the OnlyFans platform and thus has not gathered a huge following yet, so why did we include her?

Amanda is a personal trainer with 11.3M followers on Instagram. With a banging body, fat ass, sexy tits, sexual energy, and naughty spirit, this beauty will surely shake the OnlyFans platform. Subscribe to her account for free and get to grow with her. In no time, this beauty will be a sensation.

Follow Amanda here:

Instagram: Amanda Lee

OnlyFans: @amandaeliselee


Instagram OnlyFans model

Top Features:

  • 6K subscribers
  • 2815 media

Subscription: FREE

Mati is an Instagram babe with over 2 million followers. This beauty is naughty, unapologetic, and sexy as hell. She keeps a clean IG profile, but her OnlyFans account is as uncensored as it gets hence the over 1.55 million likes.

The Instagram OnlyFans model posts daily exclusive sexy photos and extra naughty videos to get you horny. She answers DMs personally, but if you want all her attention, you have to tip her.

The big tits beauty will customize content per request and sext you. You can watch Matis’ live session, where she entertains fans with uncensored content. Subscribe to this free account and know this hottie!

Follow Mati here;


OnlyFans: @matiofficial

Twitter: @foreignmati

Annie Lust

Instagram OnlyFans model
Annie Lust

Top Features:

  • 25,510 media posts
  • Teen model

Subscription: FREE

Do you have a craving for petite Latina babes? If you do, then you have to check Annie Lusts’ account. The 19-year-old babe is a model gone wrong, and her naughtiness couldn’t be contained on Instagram.

Annie Lust likes being naughty and records all her escapades, experiences, and orgasms to share with her fans. Subscribe to this sexy Instagram OnlyFans model page for free, but please ensure your privacy because it will get hot!

Follow Annie Lust here:

Instagram: Marcela Zabala

OnlyFans: @annielust

Twitter: @annietightkat

Sophie Dee

Instagram OnlyFans model
Sophie Dee

Top Features:

  • 6000 media posts
  • 30-day free trial

Subscription: $4.99

Sophie Dee is an Instagram sensation. This Instagram OnlyFans model is always horny, and her subscribers can tell you just how sexy she gets when she wants to orgasm. The beautiful blue-eyed goddess offers a one-month free trial; if you renew your subscription, she sends a hot gift to your DM.

This beauty naturally has a curvy body, big tits, and sexy blue eyes. Dees’ arsenal includes solo play, JOI, boy-on-girl action, and girl-on-girl play. If you have a foot fetish, DM her; she will customize a video for you.

Follow Sophie Dee here:

Instagram: Sophie Dee

Twitter: @sophiedee

OnlyFans: @sophiedee

Juicy Jasmyn

Instagram OnlyFans model
Juicy Jasmyn

Top Features:

  • Killer body
  • 160 media posts

Subscription: $6

Juicy Jasmyn does justice to her name. With a thick ass, huge boobs, a sexy face, and long legs, this babe sure is juicy. The all-natural beauty was kicked out by her parents for being naughty and a slut. She embraced her sexual nature and created an OnlyFans account where she drives her followers crazy.

The 19-year-old sexy mama has a massive arsenal of content, including JOI videos, girl-on-girl action, boy-on-girl plays, and anal play. Juicy Jasmyn posts daily; her videos are full of nudity, squirting, fetish-friendly, and blowjobs. Dm her today for customized content.

Follow Juicy Jasmyn here:

Instagram: Kaylee Trabucco

OnlyFans: @jasmyn2juicy

Fit Sidney

Instagram OnlyFans model
Fit Sydney

Top Features:

  • 01 M likes
  • Curvaceous beauty
  • 7325 media posts

Subscription: FREE

Fit Sidney is a nerdy girl with huge tits and looking to have some fun. She started her free OnlyFans page to have fun with her subscribers, which she does. The thick babe wants to know what turns you on, so DM her today and let her customize content for you.

The Instagram OnlyFans model loves exploring her sexual side and trying kinky things. Subscribe to her account and watch uncensored play with pornstars, amateurs, friends, aNd strangers. She is fetish friendly and will honor all your requests!

Follow Fit Sidney here:

Instagram: Fit Sid Lifestyle & BTS

Twitter: @FitSidney

OnlyFans: @xxxfitsid

Yanet Garcia

Instagram OnlyFans model
Yanet Garcia

Top Features:

  • Mexican beauty
  • 732 media posts

Subscription: $20

Your favorite Mexican weather girl on OnlyFans- Yanet Garcia ranks as the sexiest weather girl in the world, and she uses that title to her advantage. Her ass grabs the viewer’s attention, and those natural boobs are sexy as fuck.

She started an OnlyFans account where she posts erotic content flaunting her sexy body for her followers. Yanet Garcia ranks as one of the sexiest Instagram OnlyFans Models. Subscribe to her account and see what this sensual weather girl serves her fans!

Follow Yanet Garcia here:

Instagram: Yanet Garcia 🇲🇽

OnlyFans: @iamyanetgarcia

Putri Cinta

Instagram OnlyFans model
Putri Cinta

Top Features:

  • 1954 media posts
  • Latina hottie

Putri Cinta is a natural, skinny Latina beauty with a tight pussy and a horny mind. This bombshell is exotic – a mix of African and Asian. She is super sexy, naughty and brings her subscribers a daily dose of tropical hotness.

The Instagram OnlyFans Model has a wide range of best amateur content ranging from blowjobs, anal, girl-on-girl action, masturbation, and squirting videos. Check her out and enjoy that exotic beauty!

Follow Putri Cinta here:

Instagram: Putri Cinta

OnlyFans: @putri_cinta

Twitter: @putriwithlove

MelRose Michaels

Instagram OnlyFans model
MelRose Michaels

Top Features:

  • 2285 media posts
  • Daily updates

Subscription: $24.99

MelRose Michaels is not here to play. She runs her OnlyFans account like a premium Snapchat. What do I mean? This beauty posts videos and photos every day at a specific time. MelRose Michaels is a natural redhead with a sexy body and a fantastic ass you want to spank.

The Instagram onlyFans Model goes live every day, and her content includes lesbian play, girl on girl, boy on girl, dome, role play, and spit play. MelRose Michaels is fetish friendly and will customize the content as requested.

MelRose Michaels offers impressive discounts to her renewal subscribers. Subscribe today, and you might be the winner of her Fleshlight. At a small fee, this babe will sext with you, rate your dick, and she might even allow you to control her toy during live shows.

Follow MelRose Michaels here:

Instagram: MelRose Michaels

OnlyFans: @melrosemichaels

Twitter: @MelRoseMichaels

Wrapping up: Sexiest Instagram OnlyFans Models.

There you have it—the sexiest, hottest, naughtiest, and filthiest Instagram OnlyFans models. Instagram has a restriction against erotic content, but these babes found a way to bridge that gap. Check their accounts for their wide range of content, fetish-friendly clips, and erotic photos. These Instagram OnlyFans Models are not here to play but to satisfy their subscribers’ fantasies!


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