Office Heat

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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I miss going out with Trevor. Since his promotion, he has been busy, and it doesn’t help that I’ve been on the night shift at the hospital this past week. I get home from work after he has left for work; when I go in the evenings, he is still at work. It’s frustrating.
I miss him so much. Spending time with his goofy ass, playing video games, just talking about everything and nothing.
But most of all, I miss making love to him. It’s been so long, and I crave it- all of him.
Luckily, today is my day off.
I can’t wait to surprise him at his office for lunch.
I spend my morning.g lazing in bed, doing laundry, and cleaning our house.
Time sure does fly by when you are busy.

Walking to Trevor’s office, I feel giddy, like a girl meeting her crush. The receptionist eyes me with boredom written all over her face.
“Good afternoon, ma’am? Do you have an appointment with Mr.Philips?”
Smiling softly, I tell her that I am his fiancee and am here to surprise him with lunch.
She squares her face to that of fake politeness and points me toward his office.

Since I know he is not in a meeting, I let myself in without knocking and close the door softly not to startle him. Trevor is too absorbed in some paperwork to notice my presence.
I take my time to admire his physique.
His blond hair is perfectly styled, his sharp cheekbones with some stubble, and his broad masculine frame.
Today he is in a navy blue suit, white shirt, and black tie. He looks nice enough to eat.
I’m so busy daydreaming about him that I don’t notice him doing the same.
A “damn baby” pulls me out of my thoughts.
Trevor is looking at me like I’m his favourite meal.
“hey, babe! I missed you!”
He stands from his seat and approaches me slowly like a predator.
He hugs me so tight, but I don’t complain.

I take my time smelling his sandalwood cologne and listening to his heartbeat. He feels like home, and I’m so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with this fantastic man.
Pulling away from the hug, Trevor cups my face and slowly leans in.
I smile while kissing him.
But all too soon, my smile turns into a moan as he caresses my lips with his.
Damn, this man can kiss.
He bites my lower lip, and I moan softly, granting him access to my mouth.
The kiss turns rough, and we are all fighting for dominance.
I know it’s a losing battle since I’ll always let him win

Pulling away, I mutter softly, “Babe, I brought lunch.”
“Fuck lunch, I want to have you now!”

He pulls away abruptly and presses the intercom
“Priscilla, please cancel all my appointments for the afternoon.”
His secretary replies with a yes sir then Trevor disconnects the intercom. He walks to his office door, where I’m still standing in a trance, and locks the door.
He then slowly removes his suit jacket and places it on the chair.
Taking my hand, he pulls me onto the table, pulls my dress roughly, then lifts me like I weigh nothing and puts me on it.
He looks at my tits almost coming out of my bra, and his eyes turn so dark.
This way, I know he means business.

“Babe, did you purposely put this on for me?” Trevor asks

“Of course, am I not allowed to seduce my man?” I ask cheekily
Chuckling softly, he says, “I’m going to devour you on this table. It’s been too fucking long, baby, and I miss this pussy.”
Cupping my pussy, he finds it already wet, he smirks to himself, removes his tie, and ties my hands together.
“I’m going to be rough with you, babe. You have no idea how many times I’ve wished to fuck you on this table.”

With that, he pushes me down so I’m lying on the table with my hands tied hands above my head.

His dirty and authoritative tone is too much for me. I’m so wet it hurts.
I need him- his tongue, his fingers, or his dick. Fuck I just want my pussy stuffed.

Trevor notices my impatience and smirks to himself.
“Relax, baby, first I need to taste you.”
In a swift motion, my thong is on the floor, and I’m fully exposed to him, legs spread wide open.
He kisses my inner thigh, slowly biting it until he gets to my core. He laps at my swollen clit, and I moan and push myself to his tongue.
Pushing my hips back down, Trevor goes back to sucking my clit, alternating between nipping, sucking, and little bites. His hand moves to my left nipple, and he pinches it.
I moan so loud I’m afraid the whole building hears us.
He keeps doing this, and I’m a moaning, writhing mess.
When I’m about to cumn, Trevor stops, and I’m about to scream when I feel him penetrate me in one rough thrust.
“shit that was painful”, I think to myself, but all too soon, the pain is soothed by his finger on my clit and his lips on my neck.
“Fuck baby, you feel like heaven. I missed your tight pussy so much.”
He doesn’t give me time to respond; he pulls out, then pushes in again and again in short fast thrusts.

“Trevor, that feels so good” I moan softly.

Pulling me to the table he turns me around so I’m bent over it.
From behind, his dick hit my G-spot so good I cumn without warning.
This causes my walls to clench around his dick. The tightness drives him crazy and he fucks me like a man possessed.
He then pinches my clit and bites my neck, and I cum again, and only then does he shoot his seed in me.
He then pulls out and carries me to his chair, sitting with me on his lap.
“I hope you are ready, baby because that was just a teaser. I want to fuck you in every corner of this office.”
And with that, he kisses me!





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