My Supervisor Is So Hot

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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When my lecturer told me I’d be interning at a hydrological consulting firm in Texas, I was pissed but elated.

It’s ridiculous how much of an adjustment I had to make. From New York to Texas. I had to find an apartment and start a new life away from everything I knew. But I am an adventurous girl, and I’m so excited about this new step in my career.

Monday morning, I find myself standing face to face with one of the most handsome people I have ever seen. Tall, dark, and muscular. Caleb is his name, and this hunk of a man will be my supervisor for the next six months.

‘Welcome, Jane. We are excited to have a new face join us.” he says, shaking my hand.

His hands are soft yet farm. Covered in thick veins, I imagine how it would feel having them wrapped around my neck or spanking my ass. I’m pulled out of my thoughts when Caleb clears his throat and looks at our joined hands. Embarrassed, I mutter a quick I’m sorry and then rub my hands on my pants.

“Fuck Jane. Get a fucking grip on yourself. You are behaving like a horny bitch.” I scold myself.

Meanwhile, my inner whore is naked, legs spread wide open, and thinking how much damage this beast would do to my pussy.

Shaking my head, I follow Caleb as he walks me around the office, showing me around and explaining how things work here.

He opens it and ushers me inside when we get to my office. When I turn around, I see him looking at my ass. Smirking, I console myself, knowing these lustful thoughts are not one-sided.

Caleb’s POV

Looking at Jane’s ass, I’m convinced I can make it jiggle when I fuck her from behind. Or spank her senseless until she is sore. Am I allowed to do that?

Does she have a boyfriend, and if she does, does he fuck her so good she is sore from screaming?

Well, I don’t care. I want to have Jane in my bed, and I will one way or the other.

Two months later

Jane’s POV

I love working here. My colleagues are amazing, and I’ve learned how to love Texas.

We are having drinks after our long week, and man, am I enjoying myself.

Caleb and I have been flirting, but we haven’t done anything. I’ve grown used to his sexy smirk and the suggestive glances he sends me.

Looking at him now, he is already staring at me so darkly my pussy throbs.

I stand and walk to the bathroom. Somehow, Caleb looking at me that darkly has me imagining all kinds of nasty things.

When I open the bathroom door, someone pushes me from behind and closes the door. Turning to attack the idiot, I find Caleb standing there and approaching me stealthily.

He corners me and says, “Baby girl, I don’t think I can take it any longer. I want to fuck you so deep you feel me for days.”

His words are my undoing, and I smash my lips to his. He lifts me by my thighs, pinning me to the wall.

I love how he tastes like mint and whiskey. I like how firm yet soft his lips are. I might have started the kiss, but he is in control. His hands grab my ass, pulling me closer. I can feel his dick on my thigh and fuck me; that is thick and long.

Our kiss gets erratic and downright dirty; Caleb sucks my tongue, nibbles on my lips, and then kisses them to soothe the pain. I am so turned on I’m sure my thong is wet. But this is what I wanted from the very first day that I laid my eyes on this man. I wanted to feel his lips on mine, his hands on my breasts, and his dick in my pussy, and today, I’m getting that.

Caleb pulls away, takes my hand, and pulls me towards the bathroom m door; he then leads me through the back doors and out of the club. His steps are lengthy and fast, and he is dragging me to my doom. When he sees me struggle to keep up, he lifts me by my thighs and carries me fireman-style to the parking lot.

Depositing me on the hood of his car, he whispers, “In as much as I want to kiss those tits, suck on them, and maybe fuck them or how I crave to taste your juices, I can’t hold it any longer. I am going to fuck you, Jane. This is going to be fast, rough, and quick.”

I love how vulgar Caleb is. I love how he expresses himself and knows what he wants. Wrapping my legs on his waist, I pull him closer and whisper, “Give me everything you’ve got.”

Pulling away, he grabs my legs and pulls me to the edge. He then removes my thong, smells it, and puts it in his pocket. He then unbuckles his belt and pulls his trousers down. I am then greeted by the sight of his huge throbbing cock.

He does not give me time to marvel at his incredible dick. Instead, he pulls me closer and thrusts In one fluid motion.

“Motherfucker, you are so fucking huge!” I exclaim.

He chuckles, pulls out, and thrusts in again. He does this over and over again until I adjust to his girth. He folds my legs and plants them on the hood, then pulls out and thrusts in one sudden thrust. In this position, the tip of his dick is hitting my G-spot repeatedly. I am a moaning, writhing mess. He feels so good.

The whispers of his deep voice in my ears are my undoing. Contracting around his dick, I cumn so hard I almost scream. He follows shortly, grunting as he empties his seed into the condom. He pulls out slowly, kisses me, and disposes of the condom.

Then, in the sexiest voice I have ever heard, he says, “Now let me take you home so I can ravish you!”

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