My Massage Went Sensual(Part 2)

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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Brians POV

I don’t give Cindy time to respond to my dirty words. Instead, I smash my lips to hers.

I am so fucking hard and horny that it hurts. I just want to feel that tight pussy of hers clenching on my dick.

Her lips are so fucking soft. It’s been years since I felt the warm caress of her tongue on my own. I kiss her sensually, tasting the smell of mint and traces of whiskey on her tongue. She moans when I bit her lips, granting me access to her tongue.

Gently sucking her tongue in mine, I suck it sensually, teasing her with a promise for more. When she starts rubbing her tits on my chest, I gently link the roof of her mouth and give her more sensual kisses.

Slowly moving to her neck, I suck on the spot below her ear. I am rewarded with a soft moan, and my dick delights in the sound of this sexy vixen.

Sucking her left tit, I remember how sensitive that pebble is and give it more tongue and teeth. Her right breast is next, giving it equal attention. I suck on it, nip it, and gently soothe it. Cindy is being so fucking loud, but I don’t care. I immensely enjoy how responsive she is to my touch.


When I know she is wet enough, I pull away and quickly undress. She looks at me the way she used to when we were dating, and this gives me hope that maybe we can work things out.

I have a big dick, and I am proud of it. Too proud that I had to get a Prince Albert piercing on the head. I know how much girls love the piercing. Somehow it hits the G-spot with every thrust, increasing the pleasure during sex. Even better my dick is always semi-hard, meaning I am always aroused. I know, it’s fucking incredible.

Cindy admires my sexy physique, and when she licks those luscious lips, I know she wants to go down on me. I’m not going to let her, though. I know how good she is with her tongue; if she gets near my dick with that mouth, I’ll be a goner.

“No baby, you can blow me all you want later, but for now, I just wanna feel that cunt of yours.”

Pouting, she tries to protest, but I silence her with a quick kiss, and she instantly melts on my tongue.

Pulling away, I move to the edge of the bed and pull Cindy until her ass is almost off the table. This position will give me direct access to her G-spot, and that’s what I want. I want to fuck her so hard that she begs me for more, and maybe it’ll remind her of how well we fit together.

Rubbing my head on her clit, Cindy moves her hands to her tits and pinches her nipples. Fuck that is so erotic. Coating my dick in her juices, I push carefully not to hurt her. She is so wet my dick slips in her cunt so effortlessly.

When I am all the way in, I take a minute to enjoy the feel of her. She feels so fucking soft, warm, and tight I might just come in seconds. Her mouth is slightly parted, and her eyes are closed; she looks like a sex dream, but I want to see those eyes as she comes undone.

“hey baby, open those sexy eyes for me!”

Immediately she does, I pull out. My dick is covered in her juices, and it looks shiny. Gently thrusting in again, I position my thumb on her clit and gently rub it. She is a moaning mess, yet I haven’t even started thrusting.

“Fuck Brian, your dick feels so good, but I want you to fucking move, or I’m gonna use you like a dildo!” she threatens me.

Laughing softly, I decided to still some more to see what she could do. Immediately, she grows impatient and starts fucking herself on my dick. Using me like a dildo, just like she promised.

Even though that’s so erotic, I want to show her who is in charge.

Spreading her legs wide open, I pull out and then enter her in a hard thrust. She almost falls off the table, but I pull her by her legs and bring her closer. In and out, I fuck her as if my life depended on it.

Thrust after thrust, I can feel her contracting on my dick, a telltale sign that she is close to an orgasm. I rub her clit in soft fast circles, and in no time, she cumns so hard she stills.

The feel of her warm juices and tight cunt almost makes me cumn, too, but I don’t. Instead, I remove her legs from my shoulders, fold them to her chest then keep thrusting.

“Fuck, oh shit, Brian, just like that,” She moans loudly

I angle the tip of my dick to her G-spot, which is her undoing.

“ Aaaaaah baby, I’m cumming,” and she does. She cums so hard she forces me to climax.

Two sloppy thrusts later, I come so hard I trigger a mini orgasm from her.

We take a minute to relax after the earth-shattering orgasms we just had.

Pulling out slowly, her juices and mine flow from her pussy to the bed, and that is the most erotic sight I’ve ever seen.

‘Fuck baby, you never fail to amaze me,’ I tell her, and with that, I smash my lips to hers again 😉

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