My Massage Went Sensual.(Part 1)

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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The past week has been hectic. I didn’t realize planning my wedding would be this wild. As a wedding planner and a perfectionist, I want my wedding to be perfect. I know how much it will bring me more clients if it becomes the wedding of the year. It doesn’t help that I am marrying a rockstar. After winning the band of the year just last month, Zed and his bandmates have become more popular and are a favourite among the ladies.

I silently thank my assistant for scheduling this massage. God knows I needed it. I need to relax, have my muscles and the tight knots and stress on my body unknotted. Greeting the receptionist, I confirm my appointment, and when she points me in the right direction, I thank her and walk to the room.

After undressing, I lie on the bed and wait for the masseuse. The room has lit scented candles, and the smell of lavender and mint makes me relax. Soft music is playing from the speakers, and somehow I feel relaxed.

A few minutes later, the masseuse walks in and greets me. Somehow the voice sounded oddly familiar and when I turned to check I realized it was my ex-boyfriend.

“Hey, Brian! How are you, and since when are you a masseuse?” I ask.

He laughs and comes closer, hugging me tight.

“I opened my SPA and figured if I am to employ people, then I might as well be a masseuse too!” he replies enthusiastically.

Brian and I broke up three years ago when I had to go to Australia for my master’s, and Brian was working on starting a SPA. We figured long distance wouldn’t work for us. We remained friends after that, but somehow, we drifted apart.

“I am so happy to see you, Brian, and congratulations on your business. It’s the talk of the town!” I smile happily. We exchange a few laughs, and he tells me to lie down so he can relax my muscles.

Brian POV

Seeing Cindy is a shock. She looks so sexy and beautiful. I almost kissed her but reminded myself that we were no longer dating. Seeing her lying on the bed looking all sexy has my dick waking up. Shaking my head to clear those thoughts away, I get the scented massage oils and get to work.

I pour oil on my palm and more on her back, then apply it so it spreads evenly. Slowly I start massaging her shoulders, feeling how tense they are. I move my hands firmly across the shoulder blades and feel the tension releasing from her body.

I keep massaging her back, and when she is relaxed, I remove the towel from her waist and take a minute to admire how firm, thick, and juicy that ass is. Pouring more oil on her bum, I admire how it spreads evenly, moving to the crack and slowly dripping to her pussy.

By now, my dick is so fucking hard that I can’t help it. Cindy is a masterpiece. Her body was built for sex, and as a man who has seen all that body can do, I can’t help but appreciate it. I massage her ass cheeks, and she lets out a soft sigh.

I keep feeling that fat ass and enjoying the sighs and moans from her soft lips. Now that she is not protesting, I move my finger from her butt crack to her pussy. Feeling those smooth pussy lips and clit on my fingers has me leaking in my shorts.

Removing my hands from her pussy, I add more oil to my hand and then continue massaging her thighs. Concentrating more on her thighs which I know are an erogenous zone. Her soft moans and wiggles put a smile on my face. I know how hot, bothered, and horny she is, and I am enjoying it.

When I get to her feet, I give special attention to the soles of her feet—massaging her soft feet and pulling her toes. When I feel I’ve done enough on her backside, I tell her to turn around, but not before I give her a hard spank. Yelping, she giggles and turns around.

Her face is flushed from my teasing, and her lips are red and swollen from biting them to control her moans. Her chest rises and falls rapidly, indicating how turned on she is. Pushing her down slowly, I pour oil on her chest. Her nipples are erect, and I can’t wait to have my hands on them.

After I have enough oil on her chest, I get busy. I don’t waste time; taking both tits in my hands, I caress them slowly and pinch her nipples. Cindy lets out a soft moan, and I keep teasing her tits. Slowly I move to her stomach and ribs, generously coating her body in oil.

She is shining from the oil I have used on her. When I get my hands on her pussy, I take my time admiring her pussy; it is pink and waxed. I can see her swollen clit, and I just want to lick it, bite it, then soothe it.

Spreading her legs, I pour the oil on her pussy, and the sight of it trailing down her pussy lips to her ass makes me wish it was my semen instead. Slowly I massage her inner thighs, massaging the soft sensitive skin there.

I am too absorbed in massaging her, and I don’t realize how sexy Cindy looks, all spread out, dripping wet for me. When I’ve had enough fun, I move closer to her pussy and kiss it. It feels like home, but what I want more is her juices.

I want her to cum on my tongue, and I want Cindy to scream my name as she comes. When I lick her clit she moans loudly. I have to quiet her. I put her legs on my shoulder for better access to her throbbing pussy.

Parting her pussylips, I use a finger to penetrate her tight cunt while still licking her clit. The feel of that bundle throbbing on my tongue and her tight hole makes me wish I was balls deep in her, but her pleasure comes first.

Biting her clit slowly, I add another finger and move them to get to her G-Spot. The soft bundle is her undoing as she squirts on my tongue, and that’s the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. When she calms down, I remove my fingers and face, then move closer to whisper in her ear, “I’m going to fuck that pussy so hard you will feel me for days.”

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