My Husband is A Beast in Bed

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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People have always wondered why I married a man younger than me by eight years.

When I introduced Mike to my parents and friends, they disapproved of him- they thought he was too young for me or only interested in my money.

What they didn’t know was that I liked Mike. The guy was hardworking and mature and had respect for me. I’ve always wanted a man who would respect me but still dominate me. I found that in Mike.

As the CEO and founder of the largest IT company in the country, I had it all. The money, the luxury, any man I wanted. Name it, and I will get it. I’ve had my share of heartbreaks or men simply after my money.

But the moment I met Mike. I knew he was it for me.

We met in my office when he was interviewing for an assistant position. He looked shy and reserved when he entered my office in casual wear. But by the end of the interview, I knew I had met my match.

Fast forward to 5 years later, and he still intrigues me just as much as he did the first time.


Today I’ve had a frustrating day. My marketing team has failed yet again to market the latest product. We have had a massive drop in sales, and it’s all on them, So to teach them a lesson. I fired them all and had a new team in the office before they even left the Companys’ door.

Luckily it was Mike’s day off, and he didn’t have to witness that, even though he knew how to calm me down.

Driving home, I call my man, who answers on the first ring.

“hey baby”

“Hello, love. I’m on my way home. I missed you today!”

“I know, hun. I missed you too. I heard what happened today. Are you okay?”

Smiling softly, I thank the heavens for giving me such a loving, caring man.

“Yes, hun, now that I’m talking to you, I feel much better.”

Mike laughs softly and tells me to hurry up and that something special awaits me at home.


A few minutes later, I park my Mustang in the garage and head to the front door. I am welcomed home with a fresh aroma of roses, candles, and garlic. A clear indication that Mike cooked dinner.

Suddenly I am wrapped in a manly scent and cocooned in solid arms. I hug my Husband tightly and enjoy how great it feels to be home and in the arms of a man I treasure.

All too soon, Mike breaks the big and takes my bag. Then he walks me to our bedroom, undresses me, and walks me to the bathroom. There are roses and candles all over the tub. There is also a glass of wine and some soft jazz music playing.


Turning around, I go on my tiptoes and kiss my Husband. The kiss is slow and sensual. Not at all rushed. I’m trying to convey how much I love him and how much he means to me in this kiss.

Pulling back softly, I look into his baby blue eyes and whisper how much I love him.

“I love you more, Milly. I know you had a long day, so take a bath, relax, and find me in the kitchen when you finish.”


Walking into the kitchen, I find my man plating what appears to be fried rice and some chicken stew that has my mouth watering.

That aside, though, the sight of Mike concentrating on the task has my lady parts trembling. I walk to where he stands and start peppering kisses on his neck. I switch off the cooker and continue kissing him.

My hands travel to his abs, and I slowly caress him.

He gets the hint, turns, lifts me, and puts me on the kitchen counter. He kisses me so hard to show who is In control.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is that Mike is a dominant beast in bed 😉


Growling softly, he stops kissing me and whispers, “Babe, I know what you want, and I’m gonna give it to you.” With that, he unties my bathrobe and takes a minute to admire my naked body. I work out so my body is fit, soft, and feminine. My boobs are my greatest asset and Mike’s weakness.

Slowly he kisses my neck and moves to my nipples. He was biting on the left one and pinching the right one. I moan softly and arch my back, and Mike keeps driving me crazy.

When he pulls me to the counter’s edge, I prepare for his tongue on my clit, but he has other plans.

“babe, I know you are already wet. I’ll eat you out for round two. But for now, I want my dick deep inside your wet cunt then I can feed you. Is that okay?’

His dirty words are my undoing. Nodding vigorously, Mike quickly removes his pants, and his huge cock is displayed.


I go to stroke him, and he allows me. He is hard as a rock, with angry veins protruding from his dick. His head is so full it looks purple.

Careful baby, if you continue looking at me like that, I might ask you to kneel before me 😋.”

“You know I would love that,” I reply seductively.

Chuckling softly, Mike removes my hand from his thick shaft and puts my legs on the counter. This position has me wide open for his cock.

He is deep inside me in one fluid movement, and I moan loudly. ‘fuck baby, you feel so fucking good.’

Kissing me slowly, he pulls out and then pushes back in. He then takes my nipple in his mouth and starts sucking. He doesn’t slow his thrusts but instead fucks me hard and deep.

“I love how tight your cunt is, babe. How tight you hold my dick.”

He keeps dirty talking in my ear, and when he rubs my clit I am a moaning mess.

All too suddenly, I cumn, and this tightens my walls against Mike’s dick. Grunting, he keeps fucking me and demands I cum a second time.

He then circles my ass and bites my nipple.

“come for me, love.” He thrusts so deep he hits my G-spot. I cum so hard, and he follows suit spasming inside me.

We take a minute to catch our breath. When Mike pulls out, his seed flows from my pussy to my asshole.

His eyes darken, and he says,” After dinner, this ass is mine, baby.”

The thing is, we didn’t even have dinner, and I woke up the next day with a sore ass and pussy 😍

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