Morning Sex

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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“Good morning, baby.”

I wake up to the husky voice of my boyfriend. He peppers kisses down my neck while slowly caressing my tits. After last night’s shenanigans, we didn’t bother dressing up; we just got in bed and slept.

I try to go back to sleep, but he doesn’t stop. From behind me, I can feel his morning wood poking my ass, and I grin.

I love Mason’s dick; it’s long, thick, and slightly curved. When he fucks me, which he does so well, I can always feel the tip of his dick on my G-spot.

Mason continues trailing kisses down my neck and slowly moves his hands to cup my boobs. My nipples are already sensitive from last night’s nipple clamps. He knows this and knows exactly how to tease me.

Softly touching my left nipple, Mason softly kisses just under my ear, the double stimulation had me moaning softly, and I feel his dick twitch slightly. Slowly he moves his hand to the right nipple and pinches it. I yelp, but he caresses it softly, numbing the discomfort.

Mason slowly caresses my stomach and then cups my wet center. I was so sore from last night, but that doesn’t matter. I want that dick again.

Slowly parting my lips, he moves his finger to my throbbing clit, gradually rubbing my clit. I moan and rub my ass on his hard cock. Mason continues rubbing my clit, slowly pushing one finger into my wet cunt.

“Fuck baby, you are so wet!”

Moaning, I keep grinding my ass on his cock while he finger fucks me slowly but sensually. When I’ve had enough of his teasing, I turn around and smash my lips to his. I kissed him like I was thirsty for him. I love this man with all my heart, and this kiss can tell him that.

Slowly I kiss his neck and move to his abs. Trailing lips down his navel, I part his legs and take a minute to admire his physique. This guy is blessed, and I can confidently say he is mine. With dazed eyes, breathing hard and erect, I take a mental picture.

I rub my palm on his shaft and lick his head. Slowly sucking his head, I lower my hands and cup his balls. I enjoy the taste of his manly scent and the precum that is dripping on my tongue.

Deciding to tease him more, I stop sucking and kiss his inner thigh. Slowly touching his perineum, which I know is super sensitive, I’m rewarded with a grunt and a loud fuck!

I keep teasing him and even continue sucking his balls. When I’m about to go back to swallowing his dick, Mason pulls me and turns me around so my ass faces his face and my mouth is on his dick.

With this new position, we can both please each other. A spank pulls me from my thoughts, and I feel Mason part my pussy lips with his tongue. Mason slowly flattens his tongue on my clit and licks. Moaning, I cup his balls and swallow his dick.

The vibrations of his moans send chills down my body. He then moves his tongue to my hole and thrusts it deep inside. This sudden movement has me jerking and moaning around his cock.

Deciding to give him pleasure like he is doing me, I relax my throat and swallow him whole. I then cup his balls and moan around him. I do this repeatedly until he is a moaning grunting mess on my pussy.

Mason speeds up his tongue fuck on my pussy and caresses my clit with a finger. When he feels my pussy walls clenching on his tongue, he knows I am close, so he pinches my clit and rubs his finger on my ass.

Knowing Mason is close to an orgasm, I slowly drag my teeth on his shaft and cup his balls tightly. I know he enjoys a little pain just before he cums, and rewards me with his cum on my tongue. When he bites my clit and blows slowly, I cumn on his tongue, and he laps all the juices.

When we are calmed down and relaxed, Mason pulls me on his lap and kisses me whispering how much he loves me. When the kissing turns hungry, I push him on his back and angle my pussy to his dick, then slowly sit on it.

“Fuck baby, I love how deep you feel in me.”

I take a minute to get used to his size, then start bouncing on his dick. With his hands on my ass, Mason helps me move on his shaft. He sucks my nipple in his mouth and spanks me while fucking me from below.

When the sensations become too much to handle, I lie on his chest, and Mason takes that as a cue to change positions. Shifting so quickly, I find myself on the bed and my legs on his shoulder.

Mason fucks me like a man possessed, whispering dirty things to my ear.

‘hey baby, can you feel how hard you make me? I wanna fuck you every damn time, and when I’m in your tight cunt, I don’t wanna stop.”

These words are my undoing, and I cumn so hard I feel the earth tilt. Mason follows suit, and I feel his hot seed drip down my thighs when he pulls out.

Lying beside me, he spoons me, kisses my ear, and whispers how much he loves me and my tight pussy. I doze off with a smile on my face!


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