Happy Birthday

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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I miss my boyfriend. This long-distance relationship sucks.

I miss his cuddles and kisses, but most importantly, our pillow talks. It’s unbelievable how deeply we connect with Ray.

Surprising him this weekend is the best thing I could do for our relationship. Besides, it’s his birthday, so what better present than birthday sex? ūüėČ

I’ve ignored his texts all day; knowing him, he is fuming and pissed. Well, maybe angry sex will fix it.

Giggling to myself, I walk to the bathroom to get ready.

Ray’s POV

Why the fuck isn’t Cindy replying to my texts?

I hope she is okay because, for fucks sake, I’m going crazy in class. I can’t concentrate. I miss her. It’s so unlike her not to text me back.

Worse, it’s my birthday, and she didn’t even wish me a happy birthday.

Walking to my dorm room, I want to get there as fast as I can so I can try calling her again, and if she doesn’t pick up, I’m driving to Nashville to spank her ass.

Angrily closing my dorm door, I sit and throw my backpack on the floor.

I take my phone to call her, and I notice something strange. My room has a fruity scent, and I hear Cindy’s ringtone nearby.

Am I going crazy?

Deciding to track the sound, I follow it, and it leads me to my bedroom.

Opening the door, I’m met with the site of my sexy girlfriend sprawled on my bed in sexy red lingerie.

“Happy birthday, handsome,” her sexy voice greets me.


I take a minute to admire her; the red brings out the color of her eyes. Her boobs are so big they almost spilled out of the push-up bra. Her legs are wide open, and I can see her crotchless thong.


I curse slowly as my dick acknowledges the most erotic pussy ever seen.

“Are you just going to stand there, or will you keep looking at my pussy?” Cindy asks.


I’m jolted out of my thoughts.

“fuck baby, I’ve never been happier to see you.”

With these words, I jump on the bed and smash my lips on my girlfriend.

I had missed her cherry lips, how her mouth fits mine. She tastes just like I remember.

I keep kissing her when she tugs at my t-shirt. Sitting up, I remove it and throw it, not caring where it lands.

I trail my lips to her neck, kissing the spot below her ear. Her moans sound like music to my ears.

Nibbling her ears gently, I cup her tit with my right hand, loving how full she feels.

I lower my lips to her breasts, kissing her gently, worshipping her body. Trying to convey how much I love her and how good it is to see her.

She is a moaning, trembling mess when I get to her navel. I kiss her inner thighs, slowly moving to her pussy


Baby, I want to fuck you in this lingerie. I miss you so damn much, baby, and I just want to feel you.”

“Do it, hun. I want to feel that thick cock in my pussy ”

Fuck, her dirty mouth is my undoing.

Quickly unfastening my belt, I remove my trousers and boxers. I want Cindy. I feel like a starved man, hungry for pussy. When I’m naked, I crawl to where she is lying. I part her legs, and just before I thrust, I whisper in her ear.

“Baby, I’m going to be rough.’

In one move, I’m inside her tight cunt, and she feels hot, wet, and tight as fuck.

I take a minute to feel her and give her time to adjust to my size.


When she wiggles, I take it as a sign to move. I pull out and then enter her in a swift hard thrust. I maintain this speed, loving how she screams my name every time I hit her G-spot.

When I nibble her earlobe and speed my thrusts, Cindy cums, covering me in her juices, making her much tighter and wetter.

Fuck, this pussy is so sweet.


I pull out and turn her around, doggy style. She arches beautifully, and the sight of that ass almost makes me cum. Aligning myself to her tight hole, I push, then take her ponytail between my fingers and pull.

With every thrust comes a spank. I do this over and over again until her ass is red. When I can’t hold it anymore, I pinch her clit, and she cums again.


When she contracts around my dick, I grunt, thrust so deep, then cum. The orgasm is so electric that I feel myself moan softly. When done, I carefully pull out and then pull my babe to my chest.

I Kiss her softly, and she smiles. Nipping her ear, I whisper.”best fucking birthday ever!’

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