Fucked By A Stranger

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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I know alcohol is not the answer to my problems- Well, it can help me forget for a while: that and a good pounding. But I’ll start with some whiskey and see how the night goes.


Sitting at the bar counter, I need my glass refilled and not have to wait. Bobbing my head to the beat of the music as I thought about what happened at work today.

I’ve been working on this particular deal for months, only for it to be sabotaged. I never expected my colleague, my most trusted friend, to betray me. But what can I say? It’s life, and shit happens.

I’m here to have a good time, drown my sorrows, and not feel sorry for myself. Shaking my head, I stand and walk to the dancefloor. A little about myself, I am petite with a fat ass, and I know how to move it.


Like the DJ can read my mind, he plays my favorite song. I close my eyes and let my body move to the beat of “Milkshake.” Suddenly two hands are on my hips, and the body is grinding into my ass.

I can feel the person’s rugged ridges. His hands are covered in tattoos, and I bet his body is too. We continue dancing and only stop when the song changes to a slow beat.


Turning around, I come face to face with what I like to call a fine specimen of a man. He is tall and lean but has just the right muscles to make him look attractive.

And I wasn’t wrong; he has tattoos on his hands and one creeping up his neck. He is dressed in black and looks fuckable.

“Damn, I think this pounding will come sooner than I expected.” I think to myself

“Don’t worry sexy, when I saw how good you moved that ass, I knew I wanted to fuck you!” the delicious man says.

Fuck I didn’t think I said that loud. Mortified, I turn around and walk to the bar to get a much-needed shot.

How the fuck can I embarrass myself in front of such a fine man.

Chugging down a shot of tequila, I ask for another one when Mr. Sexy takes my hand and pulls me to the bathroom.

Following him, I’m led to the accessible stall.

Looking at the guy, he doesn’t look at me; instead, he opens the door, pulls me in, and locks it behind us.

In one smooth motion, I’m pushed to the wall, and he puts my hands above my head, locking them with his. He kisses my collarbone and behind my ear, making me let out a silent moan.


He continues with his kisses while his hands move to my soaked pussy. Thanking the heavens, I wore my best thong. He cups my center, and I cry in pleasure.

He flicks my clit, and I moan, but he shushes me and then penetrates me with one finger. Slowly he adds another finger while he flicks my clit.

I go to kiss him, but he turns his face, and I kiss his neck.

When he finds my G-spot, I’m a withering mess. I bite his neck to muffle my screams and cumn so hard I see black.

When I come from my high, the stranger turns me around, pulls my dress to my waist, and rips my thong.

“Why did you have to tear my thong? You’d…. aaaaaah.”

I scream when a thick cock is thrust into my pussy with a force that I bend over and hold the railings.

“Fuuuck, you are so big,’ I moan.

He pulls out and then slowly pushes in.

When I am comfortable with the size, he picks the pace and thrusts into me continuously in short hard thrusts. The stranger flicks my clit as he fucks me relentlessly. When he pinches my clit I cumn again, and the orgasm is prolonged as he hits my G spot.

He continues fucking me, and when the thrusts get sloppy, he spanks my ass and pinches my clit again. And for the third time, I cumn again, only this time he cums into the condom too.

He pulls out, turns me around, and sits me on the toilet. Slowly removing the used condom, he ties it and throws it in the bin. He fixes his clothes, looks at me, winks, and walks out.

I’m left there fucked limp by a stranger, but well, I loved it! 😋

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