College Party(Part 1)

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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“Fuck Sally, If I knew you could kiss this good, I’d have had this threesome repeatedly.” Says Meg.

I laugh softly and bury my face in Pete’s chest. Then quietly, I mutter, “Maybe we should do this again.”

How did this happen?

*A few hours before*

It’s the last weekend until we break for summer, and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to visit my parents and have a fantastic time with my nephews and nieces. God knows I love those kids to death.

But for this weekend I’m excited for the party. I just want to let loose, dance, bang a stranger, and not remember any of it.

What? Don’t judge me. I’m allowed to do this; it’s college, after all.

Meg is doing my hair and then my make-up and has already chosen a dress for me.

A few hours later, we are done, and it is customary we have to do a couple of tequila shots. We are already tipsy three shots later—the perfect way to attend this college party.

Pete knocks on our door, and we take that as our cue to grab our purses. We rush to open the door and hug him giggling like idiots.

“You guys are already drunk, right?” Pete asks.

In response, we kiss his cheeks, close the door and drag him to his car.

We jam to the music in the car, and in no time, we get to the party. We can feel the ground shaking from outside.

Fuck. I can already feel an incoming headache, but I’ll deal with that in the morning.

When we enter the frat house, it is full of people. Some danced to the music, others played beer pong, and some casually chilled on the sofa. Meg takes both our hands and drags us to the bar area. We let Pete mix drinks for us since he works as a bartender and knows his way around liquor.

A couple of drinks later, we find ourselves on the dance floor jamming to Nick Minaj. Her music will make any thick-assed babe twerk, and that’s what Meg and I do. We grind on each other, humming the tunes. A slow one comes up when the song ends, and we slow dance to that too.

It’s incredible how in sync we are. But is it wild that looking at Meg, I imagine how sexy she looks- Do her lips always look this inviting? Do her boobs always look this great? Fuck! The alcohol must be getting to me.

When the song ends, I grab her hand and get more drinks. A few minutes later, Pete urges us to join our friends, and when we do, we find them playing spin the bottle.

We join them, and Hunter spins the bottle, and it lands on Meg.

“Meg, truth or dare.”

“Truth,” Meg replies.

I dare you to kiss Pete.

I giggle and silently watch Meg lie across my thighs and kiss Pete. Watching them, I can’t help but be turned on by how erotic the sight is. Megs’ lips move in sync with Petes, and having her boobs on my thighs feels heavenly.

All too soon, they pull away, and the game continues. But as it does, I can’t help but imagine how erotic the three of us would be in a threesome. How perfectly in sync we would be.


I’m pulled out of my thoughts when Pete spins the bottle, and it lands on me.

“Hey Sally, truth or dare.”

“Dare” I surprise myself by saying.


He then dares me to kiss Meg.

Looking at Meg, I find her watching me while licking her lips. Her eyes are heavy with desire, which motivates me to kiss her.

Slowly leaning towards her, I bit her lower lip and kissed her. Her lips are so soft, and they taste like cherries. Pulling her closer, I suck her tongue and kiss her as if my life depended on it.

Someone coughs, and we pull back.

Everyone is watching us with wide eyes and Pete jokingly says, “fuck, if only I could join you girls.”

Meg and I stand, pulling Pete toward the nearest bedroom like we are in sync. When we get there, it’s like the room is sexually charged. There is so much tension as we look at each other. We have been best friends for years and are about to cross that line.

I don’t think about it. I pull Meg to myself and start kissing her again. The feel of her soft lips against mine was all I needed. Wrapping my hands on her thighs, I caress the exposed skin softly, and she moans softly- the sound feels like music to my ears.

Pete joins us, kissing the both of us. His firm, demanding movements is what we needed. The kisses turn hot, dirty, and erotic. He sucks on our tongues and bites our lips. I can already feel myself dripping down there and can’t wait to see where the night takes us.

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