AmyMarcella seduces Yumi, the housemaid: A lesbian erotic tale.

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Written By Scarlette Steele

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Amy was having a difficult time trying to control her nerves. What she was about to do was something that could probably destroy her marriage. For the longest time, she had successfully managed to suppress her longing for fellow women and buried her bisexual tendencies deep within her. The appointment of the new maid awakened those feelings. Her name was Yumi. She was a sexy Asian, pleasant-faced, good-mannered woman in her early twenties. She dressed modestly and acted respectfully towards her family.

Every morning before sunrise, she dutifully prepared breakfast for the family before getting the kids ready for school. The kids, Mary, 12, and Ben, eight, usually rode in the car with their father, who would drop them at school on his way to his office job in Brooklyn. Amy worked as a costume designer for a prominent motion picture firm in the Bronx. Her job came in the form of contracts, and for the past three days, there had been no contract in the offing. It allowed her to get her much-needed rest. That is when she began to pay more attention to the dark-skinned maid.

Yumi moved soundlessly, swaying her humongous well-rounded ass in a seductive manner that she was probably unaware of. She may act modest, but she has an ass worth grabbing and getting late to work for, Amy thought. It was then that the idea to devour that ass and the velvety softness between Yumi’s legs began to manifest in Amy’s mind. Even so, she was nervous about how to go about seducing a female maid.

“Yumi?” She called from the living room. The telly was on, playing some cool rap music videos.

Yumi shuffled into the room like a cat.”Yes, ma’am?”

“Would you mind preparing me an omelette?”

“No, ma’am…I’ll prepare it right away.” she nodded and prepared the eggs for her boss. Amy couldn’t stop staring at the nice bum in tight blue livery until it disappeared through the kitchen door.

Five minutes later, Yumi appeared bearing a tray. She expertly placed the omelette on the table and, with a smile, asked, “Anything else, ma’am?”

Amy looked up.”Yes…I remember  insisting  that you call me Amy instead of ma’am.”

“You did, ma’am..sorry, Amy. It is just..I wasn’t used to it.”

Amy smiled. “You better…I won’t eat you.”

“Alright, ma…Amy. ”

Amy opened her mouth to say,” How would you like to surrender that piece of ass to me?” but bit her tongue and said,”  We are going shopping. Mind taking a shower first?”

“I showered after waking up…maybe a change of clothes.”

Amy knew that she must convince the maid to enter the bathroom because it would be difficult to carry out her plan with just a conversation. “I insist,” she added.

Yumi fixed her boss a sceptical look momentarily before saying, “ you say, boss.”

She disappeared into her room and, before reappearing again, half-naked with a towel wrapped around her torso. It exposed a large chunk of her thighs. Amy couldn’t stop admiring the inviting flesh laid bare for her optional nourishment. If only…

There was the sound of water running. Amy raced to her bedroom and hastily undressed. A moment later, she was headed to the bathroom, completely naked.

Yumi was wrapped in thought even as the warm water ran over her body, forming puddles the size of large raindrops. Why would her boss want her to bathe again to go shopping? She had worked under different bosses, and each had their peculiarities. Maybe Amy planned to take her somewhere else after or before shopping. After all, Amy worked in the movie industry and…

There was a hand on her shoulder. Yumi jumped and screamed in horror.

“Calm down, Tee baby…it is just me,” Amy said smoothly. She avoided looking at Yumi in the eye.

Yumi was shocked to see her boss naked. Her throat constricted tightly on itself, and she found it impossible to form a single word. Her heart was beating so fast, and Yumi was finding it difficult to breathe. She backed to the wall, still unaware of what was happening. Why was her boss in the bathroom with her? For as long as she could remember, bathing was a private affair, and her boss was indulging in intrusion of privacy.

Amy looked at Yumi in the eyes.”You know Tee, baby…that I love you very much?”

Yumi was confused by Amy’s words. Love me? Her hands were on her crotch, covering her vagina. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong here…this must be a nightmare, she thought. She summoned her willpower and managed to speak.”How?”

Amy took several steps forward and stopped an inch shy of Yumi.”Like this,” she said, wrapping her hands around Yumi’s neck and kissing her on the lips.

Yumi was momentarily gobsmacked as her boss kissed her. Her first reaction would have been to back away from the kiss and run because her concept of love did not include what was currently happening to her. Instead, she stood rooted to the spot as Amy’s hands began to work on her wet body, rubbing her breasts and caressing her in a fiery act of passion. A tantalizing jolt of pleasure coursed through her body.

Amy continued to kiss Yumi in the steam-enveloped bathroom. Their breaths fell in ragged synchronicity as waves of arousal stabbed through their bodies, calling their muscles into response. Amy was beginning to enjoy her dominance over this woman and was grateful she offered no resistance. It was the first time she was getting intimate with a woman, and she knew there was no room for anything else but the moment.

She squeezed the hard nipples of the bouncy breasts, drawing whimpers of need from Yumi. She pinned her more firmly against the wall and caressed her in slow motion. Yumi’s pussy was dripping. Strands of silken arousal clung to the scallops of flesh. Her clit protruded, begging to be stroked. She arched her hips forward in craving.

“How are you feeling, Tee baby?” Amy asked. She wanted to make sure this was consensual.

Yumi strained closer to her boss.”Good…it is good. Continue, please.” Her voice was layered with a desperate longing.

Amy ran her fingers over the swollen clit, rolling the fleshy hood back and forth, enticing throaty responses. She could feel her familiar sensation building up as the slippery folds of Yumi’s clit pulsed and compressed. She circled the hot, tight entrance, enticing Yumi to open her hips wider.

“Don’t you love me too, baby? Don’t I treat you well?” Amy said, driving her two fingers inside Yumi’s pussy.

“I love you too, Amy,” her response came in a breathless rush of words.

Yumi shuddered, and her grip on Amy became tighter as the buzz of pleasure rose to a crescendo. “Don’t stop!” she squirmed.

Amy sent sharp, quick thrusts of her fingers inside Yumi’s pussy. A whimper broke from her as she clung on to her.

“I love your hips; they are shapely,” Amy said, withdrawing her fingers and thrusting once more.

Yumi blinked at her boss.”Th…thank you.”

Their mouths crashed into each other again in a passionate kiss.

Amy pumped faster into the juicy cunt, drawing moans from Yumi. The whole intimate process, the idea of a woman’s body touching hers, the groping and caressing and kissing and pumping her fingers into another sacred pussy was heaven to Amy. She had dreamed about this for a long time. She could feel her juices dripping and her pulsating clit protruding out, begging to be caressed.

Instinctively, she grabbed Yumi’s hand and guided it down her pussy. She began to rub it over her impatient clit. A tsunami of pleasure hit her, making her shudder in response. She let go of Yumi’s hand and left it to explore on its own. Yumi did not need training to know what to do. She stroked her boss the way she had been rubbed. Her middle finger entered the forbidden kingdom and began to thrust faster with an unmatched tempo. The whole bathroom was filled with a ceaseless soundtrack of moans and cries as the two women finger fucked each other senselessly.

Yumi spread her legs wider so that Amy could sink in deeper. Her muscles closed in around the fingers. The finger fucking became a fierce steady rhythm, and none of them were willing to stop unless a real tsunami hit the house. Yumi began to shudder as an orgasm gathered momentum. Every sensitive part of her body ached with pleasure, unwilling to surrender to the forbidden desires.

Sanda’s body arched, and her shuddering became even more pronounced. Despite Yumi’s reservations about getting intimate with her, she was like a gift from the gods. She was lucky to get a woman who gave back what she offered and surrendered herself wholly to the throes of passion.

“How are you feeling, Tee baby?” Amy asked between breaths. Her eyes were closed in anticipation of an impending explosion.

“I feel good, babe…so so good,” her voice was a whisper.

“Fuck me harder,” Amy ordered.

Yumi doubled her fingers and pumped into her boss’s vagina.

“Aah…good…I  like it…oooh.”

The orgasms were a long way coming, and when they did, it was like nothing they had ever felt before.

Their bodies tensed and keened and shuddered as glorious bursts of labial juices exploded out of their pussies. They held each other tightly even as the gentle aftershocks swept their bodies. They stood still in the wet bathroom, slow to separate until Amy turned off the shower. They towelled erratically, and Amy led the way out of the room.

“Follow me,” she ordered Yumi.

(TO BE CONTINUED SOON)Matrimonial Passion


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